May Goals

So May has snuck on me and Spring has finally sprung in bonnie Scotland. I love May as the weather picks up meaning more drinks in the sun and I can wear cute clothes again. Here are some of the things I am aiming to tackle this month. 

Style My Flat

Don't think I have mentioned on here yet that I have moved into a flat in the city centre of Glasgow and I am so damn happy about it. I no longer have to commute on a bus, I am walking distance away from the office which is the best thing ever. I'm living with one of my best friends too so I am winning all round. I have only been living here for a week but already feel so settled. We have bought a lot for the flat already but we still need to add some decorative finishing touches. I am bloody obsessed with interiors so I am in my element pimping this flat out. Can't wait to get it all setup and have my friends and family round.

Learn to Budget

So now that I am paying for rent and bills I really need to watch my spending habit, being an adult is not all fun and games. To be honest I haven't bought any new makeup (my downfall) in a while as I have been buying lots for my flat. But yes here is to saving a little more this month.

Get Back to the Gym and Eat Better

I have been slacking at the gym so bad, so much so they keep on calling me to get me back like an annoying ex haha. I get the hint okay, I am coming back. I really want to lose weight for the summer as I have two weddings so I really need to get my arse in gear since it is already bloody May. I think the main thing I need to do is get my healthy eating on track and stop snacking so much at work. Hoping all the walking to and from work paired with the gym 3 times a week and healthy eating will make me more confident this summer. 

Have a happy May everyone.

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