April Goals

Well it's April already but I ain't complaining because I am loving all the Spring Vibes with brighter days and lighter nights. I am excited for what my birthday month has to offer which will hopefully involve moving out of my mum's after a solid 14 months at home and in to my own flat (albeit rented but lets ignore that fact okay).

Get a Hobby

Apart from hanging out with my girls, shopping, watching TV boxsets and playing with makeup; I don't have any proper hobbies. I really want to change that and get back in to crafting, sewing, knitting and trying my hand at some new things too. I have always wanted to get in to calligraphy and photography too. I am hoping to get a bike so I can cycle from my future flat to work so I can add bike rides to my list of hobbies too.  

Make the Most of the Weekends

I am so guilty for waking up early yet just lazing in my bed and scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest (these are the main offenders) instead of getting up and seizing the day if you will. I always feel so tired and it's honestly because I laze about for so long. I need to get my ass up, make a strong coffee, some breakie and make the most of these longer, lighter days. 

Start Budgeting

Now that it looks like I will be moving out soon, I really need to start budgeting. Gone is the luxury of opening a fridge full of goodies and having my bills paid for me. I am quite looking forward to fending for myself again but I just need to be my own accountant and set money aside for grown up shizz, savings and the rest for play (aka aw the makeup). I need to get one of those jars that you fill up with £2 coins, my Auntie Lainey smashed hers the other day and got just over £1,000!!! That is the kind of saving I need in my life.

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