Pixi Skincare

My skin has been acting out recently so I invested in some skincare products from one of my favourite brands, Pixi. It is so handy (read dangerous) having a Pixi counter in Marks & Spencer. I think as far as skincare goes it is reasonably priced and worth the hype in my opinion.

 First up is this oil cleanser I have had my eye on for a while. I have wanted to up my makeup removal game and let me tell you this stuff is a dream. A little of this balm goes a long way. It doesn't feel too greasy which I also like. I tend to remove this with Garnier Micellar Water as I am lazy and can't always be arsed removing it with warm water and a muslin cloth. This (like all the other products mentioned) is £18 which I think is actually really good given how much product you get in this. 

I then follow up with this mud cleanser to remove any stubborn bits of makeup. As you can see it is more of a light green colour instead of a typical clay mud cleanser. This also has glycolic acid, hence the glow in the title. I like this cleanser as it feels like more of a deep cleaning one that the foam cleanser I tend to go for.

This little beauty is the thing that got me into Pixi skincare. This is my second bottle, the last one actually lasted like 6 plus months which is impressive. I put a few drops of this on a cotton pad and sweep it over my cheeks and T-zone (avoiding the eyes as it does sting a little). This instantly gives a dewy glow to your skin and that is why I love it. This contains glycolic acid also, hence the little stinging effect, which can be too much for some people but I really like it as it feels like it is working if you know what I mean!

Overall I am really impressed with all of the products I bought and think £18 is actually a good price point as you get a lot of product. One of my NY'S Resolutions was to up my skincare game and these guys are helping to do that. I have my eye on a few other skincare products, I nearly love skincare as much as makeup.

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