March Goals

Again lets all ignore the fact we are in the double digits in March and that this post was meant to go live on March 1st. One of my goals is to get my shit together and organise my life better, wish me bloody luck.

Nail Blog Scheduling

Okay so working full time and the rubbish Scottish lighting is killing my blogging game. Trying to take blog photos during the week is near impossible. I really need to make the most of my weekends to take pictures and schedule posts during the week. Once I get in to the swing of scheduling it is great but it is so easy to fall behind which I have done the past two months. I want this blog to be consistent and relevant and I am gonna work my ass off to get there.

Take More Photos

This applies for both blogging and IRL. I want to capture moments more as I really want to print out pictures and start scrapbooking because yes I am a 24 year old granny and proud. Plus editing photos is genuinely a hobby of mine and not to blow my own trumpet but damn those Instagram filters are my bitch.

Take Better Care of my Skin

My skin has done a sudden 180 for the worse and I am so upset about it. I'm not really sure what is going on, I have crazy combination skin, it goes from dry to oily to dry again in the space of a few hours, it's so annoying. I need to try out some new skincare products I think to suss out wtf is up oh and drink all the water. Water really is the solution for everything, excuse me while I go and down a litre right now.

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