February Five Favourites

Better late than never am I right? Five favourite things I was digging in the month of February, seems forever ago now... sorry! Promise I am gonna get back into that regular blogging life and quit slacking...


I caved and bought the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette but seriously no regrets. I have been loving peachy pink eyes. This palette has a really good variety of neutral mattes and shimmers so a lot of different looks can be created. Plus, that packaging though?! Such a sucker for cute packaging. I finally picked up Charlotte Tilbury's lip cheat in Pillow Talk and boy does it live up to the hype. It is a 'your lips but better' shade and is a really easy way to slightly overline your lips without looking like Kylie bloody Jenner. I have slightly uneven lips so this pencil really helps to even things up. I also had to mention this Real Techniques contour brush as it is a great multipurpose brush. I use it to contour my (non-existent) cheekbones and to set my undereye. The only downside is this brush isn't available individually, only in the Berlin Set or the Core Collection Set. Buh bye savings. 


I love the L'oreal Pure Clay Masks so when I saw Becca from Fashion Train post about their Pure Clay Exfoliator Scrub I knew I had to snap it up. This is a really gentle daily exfoliator which I use ever day in the shower. I love the smell of this and I think it is a great drugstore skincare product and something I will definitely be purchasing again. I really wanna try the mud detox one too. 


I have been obsessed with Tom Hardy's new BBC drama, Taboo. I mean do I really need to say much more? That man is perfection. He lights up the screen and is so interesting to watch. This drama is set in the 1800's and is really dark and mysterious, kind of like the man himself. The boxset is on BBC iPlayer still, get it watched.


Another gem on BBC iPlayer is the Oscar-winning documentary OJ: Made in America. I love a good documentary and this epic 8 hour masterpiece has been on my mind for weeks. I had never really known much about OJ Simpson but after watch The People vs OJ Simpson (Sarah Paulson is a queen and can do no wrong) I was so intrigued by the case and I knew I had to watch this. The documentary goes into way more depth than the TV show and was really a fascinating account about racism in Los Angeles and the unbelievable rise and fall of a black superstar athlete.  This documentary has been split into 3 parts by the BBC and it will blow your damn mind.  


I never thought I would become a Little Mix fan but damnnn those girls are killing it. Their new album Glory Days is such guilty pleasure listening. Touch on repeat all day long. Feel so sassy and empowered after listening. Great album to stick on when you are doing your makeup for a night out with the gals. Plus their makeup is always on point. In case you are wondering Jade is my favourite, her styling in Shoutout to my Ex is fucking goals. 

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