February Goals

Okay, let's ignore the fact it's nearly halfway through February and I am just getting around to posting this... 

Get Saving

I came home from my travels a year ago (the picture for this post was 2 years ago in Thailand - tears) and living at home has been a challenge and a blessing. It has allowed me to save but I am really hoping to move into the city centre of Glasgow in the next coming months. Living at home means I have had a little more spending money but I need to curb this spending habit, especially on makeup as tough as that is going to be! 

Improve My Sleep

I'm back to staring at my phone just before going to sleep and it is really messing with my sleep pattern. I find it really hard to switch off before bed, all my thoughts are going a thousand miles an hour. I really need to go to bed at the same time, try out some sleeping apps, turn my phone off and read a book. I spend way too much time on technology and I don't like it. 


Running on the treadmill is about the only thing I enjoy doing at the gym. I have dodgy ankles so I can't run for very long before it gets sore but I want to build up my stamina. Right now I can run for about 15 minutes at a time, I wanna try and double that or at least get close to that this month. 

Here's to kicking some ass this month.

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