January Goals

Let's keep this month's goals brief as I have 10 New Year's Resolutions to commit to... I think we are way to hard on ourselves this time of year so my goals this month are to go after what makes me happy. 

Make My Hobbies a Reality

I did my cousin's makeup for a family lunch and it's the first time I have actually ever done anyone else's makeup and you know what, I was bloody good at it. Plus it was so much fun and so nice to see how much she liked it and how amazing she looked to boot. I would love to make this hobby into more of a side project and practice on other family members and friends. I have been looking in to taking a night class as well so we will see what happens.

Treat Yo Self

So it's just been arguably the most expensive month of the year and payday is a long way away but I'm all about spending a little to feel a little better about yourself. I think I'm going to treat myself to some TLC pampering and get my roots touched up and eyebrows threaded - gotta look my best in 2017. Start as I mean to go on eh?

City Break Planning

The thing I love most about January is the unknown. We have 12 months ahead of us which is so exciting. I have some amazing trips in mind with some of the best gals and two weddings and hen weekends to look forward to. January is all about getting organised for the year ahead and I love that. Especaially as it gives me an excuse to buy more stationary to keep on top of my social calendar. 

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