January Five Favourites

Five lifestyle favourites from the month of January. I am honestly in disbelief that the first month of 2017 is almost over. I swear time is moving faster than ever before. Come see what I've been loving.


The OA on Netflix - this Netflix series has been dividing the nation, it's a love/hate kind of thing. I personally loved it. I think the key to enjoying it is to binge watch it. It's only 8 episodes long so it is easily done. I actually watched the whole thing in one day when I was off work ill. It can be a little slow and a little weird but if you stick with it, I promise it will be worth it. The ending literally had me shook and I am still thinking about it now weeks after finishing it. Get it watched, at least so you can join in on the office debate. PS new New Years Resolution, learn The Movements. 


LaLa Land - this film though. Modern yet perfectly nostalgic and a nod to Old Hollywood. This isn't your regular all singing and all dancing musical which is why I loved it. It was relatable, beautifully shot and the soundtrack is to die for. The chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is magnetic. The perfect date movie for the lovebirds out there FYI. Real talk, Ryan Gosling is in it. I really shouldn't have to explain myself further. 


The Weeknd Starboy on Spotify - I bloody love The Weeknd. I listened to his first album on repeat last year, seriously underrated, everyone was too busy listening to Justin Bieber at the time (even me admittedly). This album is an easy listen and is good when you want some chill R&B on in the background. I especially love "I Feel It Coming" can't stop listening to it, such a sexy tune. 

Food & Drink

Bread Meats Bread Glasgow - this burger joint has been a staple in Glasgow for a few years now and has recently opened another restaurant in Glasgow's West End. We went here for food before seeing LaLa Land and oh my gaaaaad it was so good. I had a fried chicken burger which was, hate to say it, so moist. The main reason I am mentioning this is more their Maple Bacon Sweet Potato Fires, shouldn't work but boy it does. Literally salivating writing this now, haha. I went twice in the month of January, no shame. 


Yankee Candle in Cranberry Ice - my cousin had this burning in her room and I was instantly sold. Pink Sands is my ride or die but it is definitely a summery scent. Cranberry Ice is the perfect sweet Winter scent I had been looking for to replace my Christmas Eve candle. The Yankee Candle jars burn evenly and last so long. I burn mine literally every night and they easily last 6-8 weeks. I got mine on Amazon which is a few bob cheaper than in store and you've got to love Amazon Prime's next day delivery. 

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