Five Cities to Visit in 2017

I want to try and visit five cities in Europe in 2017. Copenhagen is a slight cheat because this is already booked for Dee's 30th. We actually studied abroad in Denmark so I've been to Copenhagen a few times but haven't been in years so I'm excited to go back. We got cheap flights for £35 return and an Airbnb right in the heart of the city so I'm looking forward to ah-ing over all the Scandic decor and eating all the Danish pastries. We might even squeeze a bit of cycling in, has to be done.

Going to Paris is every girl's dream and I can't believe I'm nearly 25 and still haven't been, it is only an hours flight away. I would love to go with my uni girls so hopefully, we will get a weekend organised. I want to wonder around in Breton stripes, drinking a strong coffee and eating a croissant - I want the cliche. I would love to see the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe.  C'est tres chic.

Again another city that is so close and I haven't visited yet. Everyone always raves about Amsterdam for its culture and nightlife. It always looks so picturesque at the cancel with all the bikes lined up. Plus I hear the red light district is something that needs to be seen and a visit to the coffee shops... Oh and another bicycle friendly city, it's a must visit. 

Krakow is fast becoming one of the most talked about European cities. It's meant to be fairly cheap with lots of culture and things to do. Some of my friends went last year and said it was really cool so it has to be on the list. I would love to treat my mum to a trip as I know it's top of her list also.  

I've been wanting to go to Iceland for years. The Blue Lagoon is top of my list of things to do and is top of my Bucket List too. My mum went a few years ago and said the people were lovely and the scenery is amazing. Plus have you seen Justin Bieber music video I'll Show You? I'm sold.

I've got a goal to visit 30 countries before 30, I'm only on 17 so far, so hopefully if I visit all these cities it will take me to 20. I need some motivation to get going and travel again, it's been a while since my 2015 adventures. 

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