2016 Beauty Favourites

I wanted to share my favourite makeup products of 2016 from the best eyeshadow palette to lipstick. So much love for these products.

Best Primer

This is the most random product in this list but it is a great primer. It's a gel like consistency and it feels sticky on your skin as there is glycerin in the ingredients. This is a common ingredient in primers as it helps the makeup stay on your skin. So yeah this shaving balm is a great primer and found in most supermarkets for £3, so it's a no-brainer really. 

Best Foundation

I've already spoken a little about this foundation in here so I'll keep it brief. This is a full coverage matte foundation without looking cakey. Airbrushed looking skin, what's not to love?

Best Concealer

Again I spoke about this here so yeah amazing concealer especially for brightening your undereye area. Really pigmented, giving a full coverage finish.

Best Powder

Everything you want in a powder, finely milled, lightweight, long lasting, easy to top up. All the boxes ticked.

Best Contour

I literally could not contour before this palette, the powders glide on your skin and actually give a natural contour so you don't look like you have two dark lines on your face. I love that it has different shades so it literally is suitable for everyone and is great for when I am doing other people's makeup. Also, side note, the powders in here are amazing too, especially that banana powder under the eye to set the concealer.  

Best Bronzer

This bronzer is great as it is a matte finish, which is how I like my bronzers to be. It's not too heavy so you won't run the risk of looking like you've just came back from a 2 week holiday. Plus this bronzer smells like chocolate, the dream. 

Best Highlight

This baby needs no introduction. This highlight is literally blinding and the tiniest bit goes a long way. I love using this as a to highlight my cheekbones as an eyeshadow oh and under the water line also makes your eyes pop. And you can even wet your brush to make this formula even more intense. If you wanna glow this highlight is a must.

Best Blush

So the obsession with Champagne Pop continues but I reach for this palette more for the amazing blushes. I especially love the middle brown blush in Amaretto as I am not that much of a blush gal so this one is nice and subtle and literally goes with every makeup look. Unfortunately, this palette limited edition but Becca has some of the best blushes by far, check out Wild Honey for a similar look.

Best Brows

This product is a complete game changer for your brows. I think you are either more of a pencil person or a pomade person and I am for sure the former. Having a spoolie at the end is so handy and helps to get the perfect shape. I need to purchase another one of these ASAP, it actually lasted 6 months which is impressive as I use it every day. A must have and worth the extra pennies from your high street brow pencils.  

Best Eyeshadow

I was so glad when I snapped this bad boy up. The eyeshadows are crazy pigmented and are easy to blend. Plus the orange and pink tones mean there are so many looks that can be created with this palette. Definitely worth the hype and price tag.

Best Liquid Liner

I use this so often that the branding on the packaging has worn off, that's a testament to how good this is. The shape of this makes it really easy to create a good cat eye flick and it is true black. Also, this stuff will not budge until you take it off at the end of the day. Trust me I wore this whilst watching The Notebook, yeah that good.

Best Mascara

The name of this product has a lot to live up to... But hey it is bloody good. Jet black, curls your lashes and doesn't smudge. Plus look how cute the packaging is. Too Faced does the best packaging. 

Best Liquid Lipstick

This is by far one of the best formulas of liquid lipstick. Not too drying and lasts a pretty long time. The best thing is that when it fades it is not super obvious so you are not walking around with weird lip liner lips. Plus the shade range of this collection is amazing.

Best Lipstick

Seriously Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are the dream. Pigmented, comfortable, long lasting and they smell amazing. I need more in my life but this shade is everything, a great every day mauve pink.

Best Setting Spray

You need this in your live. Worth every penny, makeup stays on all day long. Drop everything and get this. You have been warned.

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