April Goals

I am so excited it's April not only as Winter is finally over but it's also my birthday month. Last year I celebrated my birthday in Melbourne and this year I am heading down to London to spend a long and fabulous weekend with my best friend. The only thing I am slightly freaking out about is the fact I am turning 24, that means I am in my mid-20s and I still feel like that awkward 19-year-old girl - where has the time gone?! Here's some of the little goals I want to try to tackle this month.

Be Healthier 

Since coming home, I have been eating all the home comforts and all the amazing things my Mum cooks and bakes. Why is it the best tasting things are the worst things for us?! I think working from home has been my downfall also, as I am so close to a fully stocked fridge... So my aim for April is to get back on track with eating a bit healthier, cutting down on sugar and drinking more water. I also want to make sure I am exercising every day, even if that just means going for a brisk walk. Let's kick April's ass and try to get fit for the warmer summer months #summerbod. 

Blog Consistently 

I am determined to post on this little blog, at least, three times a week and I think the key is to be ahead of the game and schedule posts for the week ahead, so I am not stressing out about it. I do want to have fun and create exciting content on here and not be bogged down by unachievable deadlines. I am starting off April right and I already have four blog posts ready to go this week *pats self on the back*. So here's to being on top of my workload and not leaving everything to the last minute, which is very typical of me (there is just too much good shit on Netflix okay). 

Hit The Books

I haven't picked up a book since the start of the year and I feel so bad about it. I blame social media, the internet in general and Netflix (again) for my lack of reading, but I want to change that this month. I have a few books on my Kindle ready to read like The Girl on the Train which everyone and their gran has read so I really need to get on it. I am the type of person who can go months without reading and then get really into a book and finish it in days - there is no in-between! So I need to have a backlog of amazing books, so give me your recommendations!

Live Offline

I haven't been sleeping that well recently and I think a big part of that has to do with me staring at my phone till the small hours of the night. When I was doing my dissertation I had the worst headaches as I was literally staring at a computer screen for 16 hours a day and I think that is happening again. So I want to put my phone on airplane mode and away from my bed at night so there is no temptation to have a little scroll on social media. Also, my parents are forever complaining at me for being on my phone when we are watching TV together, so I am now leaving my phone out of sight so I can fully be present. Try it, it really works and you know what, you rarely miss anything being away from your phone - the world keep turning without you needing to send that tweet about *insert first problem here*. 

happy April guys

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