March Goals

Been a while since I set myself some monthly goals because I have been hella busy. Now I know people use this as an excuse a lot to not blog, especially me but in the space of a month I have been to Bali for my first ever solo holiday, flew back to Melbourne to say my goodbyes to my Aussie family, then flew to Dubai to have a girls trip with my Mum and then flew back home to Scotland where I have been frantically meeting up with all my loved ones. So yeah busy bee me, today has been the first proper day I have had to sit down and get shit done so I am embracing this moment by having a laptop day and drinking all the coffee.

Get a Job

Back in my December Goals (how the hell was that 3 months ago already?!) I said I was going to create a badass CV, not going to lie to you it never happened. I still have that document with about 20ish words on it... not good. So my aim is to finish that, obviously. Also, I really need to set up a LinkedIn account and start applying for jobs or even get back into studying. I have been thinking about becoming a teacher a little bit, as I enjoyed au pairing so much but honestly I don't really know what the fuck I want to do. Being 23 sucks, I am in a constant panic of not successfully alduting, I need to figure out what I want to do career wise but I am still undecided, I am so bad at making decisions. So yeah pray for me people.

Spruce Up My Room

Being back home feels weird. Being back in my childhood bedroom feels even weirder. After living away from home for so many years from leaving the nest at 18 to go to uni and then travelling and living in Australia, my bedroom is all over the place. Those pug bedsheets are seriously ageing me so I think some subtle, budget DIYs are on the cards. I have actually just had a closet/room clear out and there were 9 full bin bags of stuff - 9?! Time to make my room all grown up and fancy, starting with redirecting the wallpaper, actually ended up going for a sparkly Julian McDonald one - sounds so un-me but I love it!

Be a Morning Person

Back in Melbourne my alarm went of weekdays at 6.30am and not much later than that on weekends. Jet lag kind of knocked me for six and my sleep pattern has taken a hit. I really want to get back to waking up early, even though I don't necessarily have to get up for anything as I don't have a job atm, it is just amazing how much more you can get done if you are up and dressed before 8am. Plus, I am such a granny and like to be in bed, with a cup of coco, watching Netflix by like 9pm these days so early nights and early mornings is totally where I want to be at.

Become a Girl Who Has Her Shit Together 

Now obviously, this involves getting a job and getting on that pesky career ladder to become a #GIRLBOSS but also it just means having my life looking all pretty. I am talking being that girl whose makeup is in always in place, whose nails are always perfect, has a scented candle forever burning, buys nice lingerie, has a signature perfume scent - the list goes on. Now I am actually making baby steps towards becoming that sassy, grown-up woman with the help of my mum ironically who bought me this amazing silk robe from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's M&S collection (which psst is on offer). And I stocked up on Lush bath bombs because sophisticated ladies do love a bath! 

Have a fab March gals

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