2016 Goals

I am not a huge fan of making New Year's Resolutions as I usually fail miserably by about mid-January if not earlier... January is such a depressing month as it is so why put so much pressure on ourselves to become this whole new, better, thinner person? Let's give poor old January a break and set ourselves some mini goals to work on throughout the year. I am an avid list maker and love setting monthly goals to work towards so this month is no different.


Admittedly I am a hell of a lot better now at drinking more water than I was a few years ago but I still don't think I drink enough and want to be more consistent at staying hydrated. I think it will help flush out all those bad toxins and help keep my skin looking dewy and flawless. Plus it's an excuse to buy some cute drink bottles to keep me motivated and sassy (obvs). 


In late 2014 I actually got quite into running but since travelling and moving to Australia, I have barely done anything. So I am going to redownload the Nike app, get my workout gear on and hit the pavement ASAP as the Christmas weight gain is real, can't resist that damn box of Roses. 


Now, now it's not what you think, I am actually referring to literally playing sport on a field. I miss the days of playing competitive sport with a team of badass girls so I plan on joining a sports team when I get back to Scotland. I think it will be a great way to get fit whilst making some new buddies too. 


I think it's high time I finally go to a gym class on the reg which I have been meaning to do for a good 5 plus years now... The thought of walking into a room of strangers to get all red faced and sweaty does scare me slightly but again it is a good way to get fit, make mates and get out of my comfort zone. I am thinking of doing something slightly less evasive to dip my toe in, like yoga or pilates before going full on with spin class or something high intensity like that! 


I love doing creative things like practising calligraphy or even those adult colouring in books are great but I never seem to make much time for them. I follow soooo many calligraphy businesses on Instagram and I am convinced I would actually be quite good at it if I really learnt how to do it properly. I am going to look into calligraphy night classes so I can get better at it so watch this space world. 


I have loved keeping this little online journal going for the past few months and really want to keep it up and improve it further in 2016. I think the lack of equipment and willing friends/photographers over here in Melbourne has resulted in my blog not featuring many fashion posts, which is a shame as it is what I have a degree in. I am hoping when I get back home that I can properly plan and schedule posts and get a lot more variation in my content. I would also love to connect with more Scottish bloggers and hopefully go to a few meet ups if I ever get the chance! The blogging community on Twitter always seems so supportive and I really want to be a part of that.  


This is a really important one for me as I feel like I always reach for my phone as soon as my alarm goes off and scrolling through the internet. Whether it be replying to Whatsapps or watching Ssnapchat stories or stalking Instagram. I really want to make better use of my time online instead of just checking the Daily Mail and Facebook because I am bored. If that happens I should just check out and find something more fulfilling to do offline. I want to be less attached to my phone and not be checking it constantly to see if anything new has happened. This will hopefully force me to read some more books too, at least, 20 minutes of reading every day is my new daily goal. 


If 2015 taught me anything it was that you are stronger than you think and you only really start living once you leave your comfort zone. Going travelling was honestly the best thing I have ever done and it has really opened my eyes to different cultures and new people and I want to keep on making an effort to travel, even when I am back home and back to reality. I want to take advantage of living in Europe and being so close to so many amazing countries. Main cities on the list are Paris and Amsterdam which I have never visited before... Ludicrous I know. 

Here's to a kickass 2016 

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