Week in Pictures #26 & #27


L-R: view of the city skyline from Brighton Beach; bike ride break with Carli; I bought an advent calendar, in 20-degree heat... clever. 

Sorry for the lack of blogging and having to group 2 weeks into one, bad Katy. The festive period caught up on me, but we are I am hopefully back on track! Here are some more snaps of what I have been up to lately.


L-R: my happy place; how cute is Milla though?!; my first Christmassy cup. 

Apple TV is my life and I need it back in Scotland so bad. Makes watching Netflix and Youtube so much more enjoyable than having to stare at a tiny laptop or phone screen. I still haven't had a Starbucks red cup as for one it's a million degrees out and two Aussies aren't really a fan of Starbucks as they are coffee snobs which I kind of like actually. 


L-R: sushi in the sun; the front door is looking all festive; BAE.

This picture of Irn-Bru makes me laugh and cry at the same time as I had my first sip of this beautiful Scottish stuff in months, but Milla dropped the can and it went EVERYWHERE so, I literally only had a sip... Oh well not long till I can get my hands on the stuff aww the time. 62 days and counting people!!!!

have a fab week

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