Week in Pictures #25


L-R: attempt at some nail art; sunglasses collection; best matte lip creams ever.

Give me all the nail polishes, sunglasses and matte lipsticks you have. I have been so good at not buying unnecessary clothing but cannot resist these guys. Seriously though I am obsessed with NYX Cosmetics, so affordable and I cannot stop wearing these lip creams, need more. Can't stop, won't stop.


L-R: just chillin' in her pram; still in shock that it is now December; Christmas chocolate is the best chocolate.

Cannot believe we are now on the official countdown to Christmas, need to get my gifts and cards organised but cbaaaaa. With the weather being like 20 plus erryday it is hard to want to do anything bar laze around and try work on my tan... You may be jealous of that statement but I am actually majorly jealous of all the cosy, Chrissmassy, cold shenanigans back in the UK, just does not feel festive in Australia at all. It is so true, British people complain about the weather no matter what the conditions are, ha. 


L-R: new hate selfie (obligatory); new fave Netflix show; beers in the sun. 

Everyone needs to go onto Netflix now and watch Master of None the new show from the awesome Anziz Ansari who many will know from Parks and Rec. It is hilarious, clever and thought-provoking all the same time and oozes coolness (Mean Girl word not a real word but I am using it). I just found your next binge show to watch - go Netflix and Chill immediately people. 


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