Five Favourites

1. Adele

Seriously how amazing is Adele, though? She is slaying the scene. Her new album is, of course, amazing and I can totally see why it is smashing all the album record sales. I am straight up obsessed with her new single "When We Were Young" and I love everything about the video. Milla, the 2 and a half-year-old I love after, knows all the words to "Hello" and it is the cutest thing you will ever see! Oh and also Adele is finally going on tour and I GOT TICKETS!!!!! So, so excited, seeing her live is on my bucket list so I cannot wait for May 26th to see her at The SSE Hydro in Glasgow - going to cry all my eyeliner and fake lashes off fo sho.

2. Amy 

I have been meaning to watch this documentary for ages as it's by the creators of Senna which is one of my favourite documentaries ever. Plus I love Amy Winehouse's music but was never really a fan of her as a person as like many people I thought she was a bit of a hot mess. My opinion of her has completely changed since watching this amazing film. It is so well produced and put together with real footage and voicemails of Amy and interviews from her closest friends and family. When I heard Amy Winehouse had died back in 2011, I wasn't surprised at all from the way she was portrayed in the media but now I see how damaging the media was in her downfall into drug and alcohol addiction. Honestly, all fans and even non-fans should watch this as I have not been able to stop thinking about it since I watched it the other week. 

3. Youtube Vloggers 

I have been so into watching Youtube vloggers the past month, with ViviannaDoesMakeup and Lily Pebbles being two of my favourites. Notable mention to Jaclyn Hill as well who is the best make-up artist ever and I want her to adopt me she seems so sweet! I am loving watching makeup tutorials, especially whilst I am putting on my makeup as I learn some tips as I go along! Also, it is now officially the month of Vlogmas and all my favourite Youtubers are getting me in the festive spirit. As it is so damn hot here it is lovely watching people doing Christmassy activities in the cold, winter weather makes me feel like I am not missing out as much. Check out Zoella, Tany Burr, LLYMLRS, Kate La Vie, Hello October, I Covert Thee, Amelia Liana, Este Lalonde and the two ladies pictured, thank me later.

4. Lady Gaga on AHS Hotel

I was so worried about Jessica Lange leaving the American Horror Story franchise as she is arguably the best thing about every season, but luckily Lady Gaga stepped in and is killing it (quite literally, in fact, with that killer metal nail). The part is made for her and she has such an amazing screen presence, so sexy and intriguing but terrifying and ominous all at the same time. I have been a huge Gaga fan for years and it is so fun getting to see her act, hope she is back next season!

5. NYX Cosmetics

So I feel like I have spoken about NYX like 5 times on this blog already but seriously it deserves another mention. I have been wearing the above matte lip creams every day since I bought them. I love wearing them all individually or mixing the nude into the red and pink colour - so pretty and so long lasting! I also have two makeup setting sprays from them, a stick foundation and some other bits and they are all honestly such good quality for really inexpensive prices. I am chuffed that it is available in the UK as I didn't want to have to bring loads of products back in my case for that long ass flight! 

what are your recent favourites?

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