Week in Pictures #26 & #27


L-R: view of the city skyline from Brighton Beach; bike ride break with Carli; I bought an advent calendar, in 20-degree heat... clever. 

Sorry for the lack of blogging and having to group 2 weeks into one, bad Katy. The festive period caught up on me, but we are I am hopefully back on track! Here are some more snaps of what I have been up to lately.

Five Favourites

1. Adele

Seriously how amazing is Adele, though? She is slaying the scene. Her new album is, of course, amazing and I can totally see why it is smashing all the album record sales. I am straight up obsessed with her new single "When We Were Young" and I love everything about the video. Milla, the 2 and a half-year-old I love after, knows all the words to "Hello" and it is the cutest thing you will ever see! Oh and also Adele is finally going on tour and I GOT TICKETS!!!!! So, so excited, seeing her live is on my bucket list so I cannot wait for May 26th to see her at The SSE Hydro in Glasgow - going to cry all my eyeliner and fake lashes off fo sho.

December Goals

Okay, so how the hell is it December already? Time is going so fast it is freaking me out! This is one of my favourite months as I love everything about Christmas (minus when I was working in retail, Christmas is hell there). But being in the heat when everyone back in the UK is freezing their asses off still feels so strange. It does make things less Chrismassy so don't be too jealous of my sweet tan okay guys. Here goes another month and another stab at achieving my little goals, wish me luck.


I am the worst at making decisions, it takes me a good 5 minutes to decide on what chocolate bar to get from the shops so big life decisions are a big NOPE. But I guess this is what being an adult is all about. I really need to start booking a flight to Dubai to meet my Mum mid-Feb (yeah that is happening and Dubai has like 6 Sephoras - buzzing)but I am thinking of doing a little solo trip beforehand. Now I was thinking New Zealand but it is proving to be a little pricey so my other option is Bali or just fly straight to Dubai from Melbourne... See too many options! I need to sit down and make a decision and just book a flight so there is no going back, otherwise I will never sort it out!

Week in Pictures #25


L-R: attempt at some nail art; sunglasses collection; best matte lip creams ever.

Give me all the nail polishes, sunglasses and matte lipsticks you have. I have been so good at not buying unnecessary clothing but cannot resist these guys. Seriously though I am obsessed with NYX Cosmetics, so affordable and I cannot stop wearing these lip creams, need more. Can't stop, won't stop.