Week in Pictures #24


L-R: Charlotte's 10th birthday party; Milla's first dance concert; with my favourite boy.

Hectic weekend with my Aussie family. So proud of my little Milla for absolutely killing it at her first ballet show. She is the youngest one in the whole group and was honestly the best little mouse, I know I am biased but look at that weee face in that adorable costume - SO FREAKIN' CUTE. 


L-R: hungover make-up always turns out the best; morning run in the sun; new sunnies calls for a poser selfie. 

All about the selfies this week it seems #vainbitch. Look at that slick eyeliner flick in the first picture though, I am so much better at painting my face hungover which makes no sense whatsoever. I am really getting into watching all the make-up tutorials on Youtube, it has become part of my morning routine. Jacyln Hill is a Queen, go check her channel out.


L-R: Milla is always stealing my sunglasses; me waving like an idiot on Australian TV haaaaa; see I told you!

Milla and I have been loving the spring weather recently, although I must admit I am missing the cold winter weather. I can't get into the Christmas spirit wearing a pair of shorts and flip flops! Also can we all just have a moment to appreciate my 1 second of fame on Australian TV. I went to a taping of my fave Aussie TV show, The Block and getting up at 5am was all worth it for that cringe shot right there. Mum I am on the telly, life made.

back soon

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