Week in Pictures #22


L-R: not a bad spot for a drink; how cute are these takeaway coffee cups; rooftop drinking is my favourite.

Finally made it to a rooftop in Melbourne CBD. Was so cool to have a glass of champers and catch up with my lovely friend Hannah in the sun. It is always good to catch up with Scottish friends as they know how to hold their liquor!


L-R: Milla pinched my hat and managed to look better than I do; love this make-up look with my new Revlon Matte Balm; going to miss Melbourne's amazing coffee.

How freakin' cute is the two-year-old I look after? Going to miss this wee face most of all when I leave in a couple of months, she is a pain in my arse most of the time but how can you be mad at that face? She is so sassy.


L-R: went to the open house of my favourite Australian show The Block; view of the city skyline from the penthouse; I queued in that from 6.30am...

So there is this show called The Block over here where contestants renovate an apartment block and it is amazinggggg. Like seriously it has made me want to renovate and style my own properties, you know when I eventually have enough money to buy property in like at least 10 years time. I love this show so much that I got up at 5am on a Sunday morning (slightly hungover) to stand in a queue for 4 hours just to walk through and see the finished apartments. Yup I have officially lost it, but fuck it was worth it. 

hope everyone had a good week too

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