Capsule Collection

All items from Cotton On, Glassons and H&M

I managed to resist the Black Friday online sales but hot damn the Cyber Monday got me hitting up all the sales. I purchased nearly all the items you see above... when it is 40% off though it is seriously rude not to just type in those bank details! Plus I have literally parted with half of my wardrobe as it either no longer fits or I no longer love it. So I have to restock my wardrobe with some cute new pieces right? And it all fits in with the summer capsule collection wardrobe I am curating (sorry UK people who ae freezing their asses off in the peak of winter)...
My style has changed soooooo much since travelling and living in Melbourne. I am really drawn to simple designs with the odd print thrown in, especially if it is striped! I think it is all the laid back Aussie vibes that make me want to dress and live more minimalist but I ain't complaining, in fact, I am loving looking into my wardrobe and knowing that I genuinely like every piece and know that it goes with X, Y and Z. It makes getting dressed in the morning a whole lot easier. I really would encourage anyone to give it a go, just for a season (3 months) and get your wardrobe down to 40 or so items and see how much more freeing it is. That dress you bought in last year's sale that still has tags on, you know the one? Yes, you are never going to wear that, it is time to let go girl!

happy de-cluttering

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