Week in Pictures #19


L-R: I carried a watermelon; having this on my doorstep is heaven; fave juice after a hard workout. 

It's been another hot week in Melbs and I am proving to be the classic British person who complains when it's too cold and when too hot. Staying indoors under air con and eating all the watermelon is the only cure for 30 plus degree heat.

L-R: favourite breakfast; homemade granola goes with everything; all about the scrambled eggs. 

I am seriously upping my cooking game, especially when it comes to perfecting eggs which are fast becoming my favourite food I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am really enjoying eating healthier at the minute and making all my food from scratch really helps!


L-R: catching some shade under some palm trees; bike break was needed in the heat; eating al fresco at Fed Square in the city.

Another great weekend was had drinking champagne, eating lots of cheese and cycling which is exactly how I want to spend every day off please.

more soon

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