Week in Pictures #18


L-R: feeling like Pharrell in my new sunhat; love this print; iced coffees all day long in this heat.

So I am still slightly undecided on this hat but I swear it looks better in real life, it is essential in the heat and I cba looking for a better option - okay, glad we cleared that up. I have been getting into making iced coffees and I didn't actually realise how easy it is, just add 2 tbsp of instant coffee one tbsp of sugar (I use raw sugar) add a splash of boiling water and just top it up with milk and lots of ice. Saving so much money making these at home instead of heading to a cafe every day!


L-R: amazing postcards from my best friend; prescription chocolate (kind of); found this little card during a room clear out from my travel buddy.

I have been having a big clear out over the weekend. I have so many clothes that I don't like or don't fit and that I keep 'just in case'. Decided to jump on the minimalist bandwagon and have elimated 40 items from my wardrobe and I am feeling much better for it. Now when I open my wardrobe I don't groan and moan about having "nothing to wear". Capsule collections are the way forward people. 


L-R: one more month to summer; ticked this off the bucket list; lazy Sunday.

I had such a nice weekend hanging out with an awesome couple I know through friends from home. It is so good to get away for the weekend and just chill with some mates. Rach and I went to a cinema drive-in on Saturday night and I was literally so excited. I am a massive film geek and have been wanting to go to a drive-in movie ever since watching Grease at the tender age of 7. It felt so American eating popcorn and sipping on a can of pop in an old convertible car, I loved it. We actually got caught in a little lighting and thunder storm but it kind of added to the tense atmosphere of Black Mass, the new unrecognisable Johnny Depp picture about crime kingpin Jimmy Bulger. I love a bit of a gangster flick and Johnny is back on track with this flick, well worth a look. Plus all the Boston accents were on point (fun fact about me I do a sick Boston accent, it is my party trick).

Hope you all had a great weekend 

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