Week in Pictures #17


L-R: homemade ice lollies; bowling banter; frozen yoghurt ice lollies are life.

The weather has been getting pretty hot here, as I type this I am sitting in front of a fan as it is 35 degrees out... But I am looking hella brown so it is all worth the sunburn and sweatiness, right?


L-R: weekends away made easier with this Country Road holdall; rare case where my make-up is on point, called for a selfie; beers and sun go hand in hand. 

I was housesitting for friends at the weekend and had a great time sunbathing and reading in their back garden plus drinking a few beers and watching some Apple TV. Nice chilled weekend, just how I like it. Finally bit the bullet and bought a Country Road holdall, loving the khaki colour so much.


L-R: my host mum makes the best grub; watermelons are essential in this heat; nothing better than reading in the sun.

Another great thing about the hot weather is all the amazing food. Obviously being in Australia there are plenty of BBQ's and my fave thing about them is all the side dishes like this watermelon, feta and mint salad. Sounds like a random combination but try it, you won't be disappointed. 

Hope the weather is good wherever you are and I am not giving you too much FOMO. 


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