Five Favourites

1. Birkenstocks

I have been in serious need of sturdy sandal since Spring hit Australia and I instantly thought of Birkenstocks. Mainly because my travel bud had a pair and wore them all the time, she did have like several plasters on at any given time as those son of bitches are tough to break in but all good sturdy shoes are. Now I was going to splash out $100 and order a pair but I found these pair of Birkenstock style sandals in the girls department at Kmart for $10. Yup for 10 BUCKS FROM THE KIDS SECTION. How'd you like them apples? Sorry got carried away on my own bargain hunting skills. These babies required no plasters and are super comfy and have been on my feet every day since I skipped out of the store with them. 

2. Elle Australia Magazine 

Not going to lie I bought this magazine solely for the cool cover which allows anyone to be the cover star, good idea right? But the true meaning behind the cover is even cooler and appeals to my feminist heart. The cover is reflective so any woman can be on the cover a magazine as Elle is celebrating what it means to be a woman. As you can kinda see from my picture it's actually really hard to get a good photo of you on the cover but I still dig it. Elle is definitely my favourite fashion magazine, it has way more than just fashion content with really great articles and stories. 

3. Avocados

If I could eat avocado every morning for breakfast I would die a seriously happy, old lady. They are soooo good here like I am yet to have a bad avo experience. In Australia, they are always perfectly ripe when you buy them so you don't have to wait days to eat them as they are too firm or worse when you leave them too long and they get all brown and gross. Luckily they are actually pretty cheap here and there are so many infinite possibilities on what to eat an avocado with. My personal fave is avo with runny poached eggs, chilli flakes and sourdough *nomnomnomnomnom*. Dreading the thought of going home to expensive, shit avocados - gonna miss these green beauties. 

4. Scream Queens

I'll admit I was dubious about Scream Queens it seemed like Emma Roberts was just playing the exact same annoying character from American Horror Story season 3 and it had Ariana Grande in the lineup... But surprise bitch, I am hooked already at 3 episodes in and have no clue who Red Devil is. It is so camp and the dialogue can be a tad cringe but if you embrace all of that you will love it, especially if you love AHS (not so much Glee - ew) as it's by the same creators. Plus *spoiler alert* said tiny pop songstress has the most random and hilarious onscreen death you will ever see, worth watching it for that reason alone. Get watching bitches!

5. Why Not Me?

Read Mindy Kaling's second book in 2 days, it was that amazing. I expected nothing less from my favourite funny lady. Now I am not going to give to much away as I am going to write a book review but I hope Mindy Kaling just keeps on writing more books as her life goes on as when you are reading her essays you feel like she is your best friend and you have known each other for years. I loved this book possibly even more than her first one as she is a lot more famous now due to her starring in The Mindy Project (if you haven't seen it you should because it's hilarious) so there were a lot of famous tit bits and name dropping which I love. I mean are we really surprised I spent at least 30 minutes a day on Daily Mail.


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