What's In My Bag

Is it just me who loves snooping in people's bags? I like to see what people lug around on a day to day basis. My travel mate Lianne carries everything but the kitchen sink in her handbag but mine is usually a very concise affair. These are the essentials that I always carry in my bag and couldn't be without! 

Girls' gotta have some make-up handy for those all important top ups and in case you spontaneously head out and need to convert your look from day to night.

I always like to have a pack of tissues in my bag, I think my Mum has instilled this in my from a young age. A very British thing to do fo sho but you never know when you might need one!

I am a firm believer than a lil lippy goes a long way, I always feel more myself with a some colour on my lips. And a good lip balm is an absolute must to keep your lips from getting dry throughout the day, this Berts Bees one is amaze.

Because duh. I have a major thing for a sassy keyring and this pom pom number is the sassiest of them all.

Admittedly these are not always essential in Scotland but are obv a staple in Australia! I am that knob who wears sunglasses whether its sunny or a tad grey anyway, great for hangovers and for looking like a bad bitch.

I always carry a compact mirror as sometimes an iphone screen or snapchat camera doesn't always cut it.

Again another fairly obvious one. I can literally not walk alone or travel without music. I swear it makes me walk faster too.

This is an essential if you live in Melbourne and cannot drive. The public transport is so good compared to back home (I'm looking at you Scotrail). Kudos to my friend Sarah for getting me this amazing Frozen case, girl knows what's what.

So there you have it you nosey parkers, that's what's inside my everyday handbag. I had fun shooting and editing this picture so I think I might do more like a going out clutch bag, a weekend away bag and maybe even a travelling backpack one! Sharing my words of wisdom one post at a time.

back soon

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