Week in Pictures #16


L-R: my pretty bike; not a bad spot to stop off for lunch; #lunchgoals.

I have been loving the sunnier weather as it means I can just ride about on my bike all afternoon with no plans but me and the open road. Nothing better than having the wind in your hair and looking out at the amazing ocean down here along Beach Road. 


L-R: coffee at the beach; love Spring flowers; been busy crafting.

I have been making a few calligraphy prints lately and have been really enjoying doing something creative again. I am obsessed with all things watermelon so this print is very fitting (insert sassy information desk lady emoji).


L-R: went a little crazy on a make-up splurge; stole this idea from Pinterest; cute and much needed earrings.

Hit up Chadstone Mall at the weekend aka the biggest mall in the Southern Hemisphere so it is no wonder I spent wayyy more than I bargained for... my bad. I can't stop shopping for make-up at the minute, must be all the YouTube tutorial videos I am wtching. i can't wait to go on a huge make-up haul when I am back on British soil, seriously underestimated how great our high street is.

It seems it is the four month anniversary of my blog overall - yay me! 

PS sorry on the slow blog front, the school holidays are taking its toll, juggling 3 kids and this is a lot harder than it sounds. 

back soon

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