Week in Pictures #15


L-R: first bike ride in Melbourne; unreal beach weather; love these cute juices.

I had the best fresh Saturday eva, cycling with my girl Charlotte along Beach Road for a 20km ride. We stopped along the way at a farmer's market and it was full of good food and coffee, my two fave things in life. I am really enjoying not being hungover every weekend like I was in my student life. Getting up early means I get so much done and I feel so much better for it! Maybe I am finally getting my shit together and becoming one of those rare morning people.


L-R: homemade granola (recipe coming soon); been busy making quote prints; loving kale at the minute. 

I am playing the role of domestic goddess at the minute with nannying, baking, cooking and doing crafts! I am trying to be more healthy and make my own fresh breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks so expect lots of recipes in the future. 


L-R: all blue everythanggg; but first, coffee (always); battered calamari at a farmer's market.

I am a sucker for a good Vogue cover and this one spoke to me as I love the blue vibes and have a major crush on the blonde, Aussie babe that is Naomi Watts. I don't find the content in Vogue that fantastic, I much prefer Elle or Harper's Bazaar as they are less focused on only fashion and trends. I think I might collect some cool Aussie magazine covers and display them on my wall back in Scotland when I do up my old bedroom. 


L-R: perfect day to play tennis; love a cheeseboard; living in flip flops or thongs as the Aussies call 'em. 

Had another ideal Sunday (seriously my fave day of the week) playing tennis, eating cheese, drinking wine, having a BBQ and getting my tan on #brbdiedongonetoheaven.

It is the school holidays here and I currently have 6 kids in the house... Pray for me.

back soon

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