Week in Pictures #14


L-R: love the slightly creepy entrance to Luna Park; sunbathing amongst the palm trees at St Kilda; Boost juice in the sun.

Finally the weather picked up this weekend and its 26 degrees right now as I type this. I am a tad sweaty and a tad burnt but it is all worth it. I had an ideal Sunday meeting up with my old flatmate from first year halls. Major blast from the past, it was so nice to catch up and give her lots of pointers for her trip up the east coast of Australia. Isla you are going to have a great time and massive kudos for doing it alone #GIRLBOSS. 


L-R: local farmer's market; couldn't resist this homemade peanut butter; chocolate and peanut butter scone.

I have been meaning to check out this farmer's market just down the road from us but I always seem to miss it! Luckily this time I was up early enough to catch it, there were lots of different food stalls and coffee stalls to keep this gal happy. I caved and bought this peanut butter but no regrets as its delicious and gluten free, that makes it healthy right...


L-R: cute prints from St Kilda Esplanade Market; amazing homemade soap bar and lip balm; mini haul from Typo.

I love going to the Sunday market in St Kilda, there is lots of stalls offering lots of quirky things. I got these awesome prints, lip balm, soap bar and a couple of rings for the grand total of $15 - score! 

Can't believe this is my 14th week of posting my Week in Pictures, quite proud of myself for keeping it up this long! Usually the bloggers block kicks in around week 5. You go Glen Coco.

have a fab day

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