Week in Pictures #13


L-R: loving the 70's vine fashion atm; go to casual outfit; another day, another striped top.

Can't. Stop. Buying. Clothes. I blame all the current trends for being so on point, especially the 70's style that is in right now. I love all the hippie prints and the floaty styles - just take my money already! And a girl can't have enough classic breton stripe tops in her wardrobe - do I hear an ahem?


L-R: jumping on this bandwagon; amazing make-up setting spray; fresh flowers.

I caved in and finally bought coconut oil; mainly because it is in loads of recipes I have been meaning to try, is great for bleached hair, teeth whitening and it was only $6 which seems like an all round bargain. I will let you know how I get on with it! I am going to do a blog post on this NYX setting spray as it fully deserves its own post, it is so good and wayyy cheaper than Urban Decay's setting spray so I am fully in love with this product.


L-R: new favourite bar in Melbourne; drinks with a view; pretty setting for brunch.

It has been a lovely weekend catching up with some of my fave girls. I have just got back from a leaving party and I am sad to see Rowina go back to Finland. She was one of the first au pairs I met out here and is so lovely so lets all wish her a safe 31 hour flight home...(seriously dreading making that trip). It is always sad to say goodbye and I don't even want to think about saying bye to my little Aussie family and friends out here!


L-R: beaut beach views; ice lolly kind of weather; spring has finally sprung. 

I am soooo glad that it is finally Spring in Melbourne. After travelling Asia in plus 25 degree heat it was a shock to the system to find out Australia isn't always warm (who knew?) so I have been feeling the cold this winter - lame excuse for a Scottish lass I know. The weather has been picking up and its set to hit 20 degrees for the first time in months this week and I have my shorts at the ready and BBQ tongs at the ready, lets be having some shrimp on the barbie (disclaimer Aussies call them prawns - dreams shattered)

I am away to watch some more episodes of Narcos on Netflix, it has the beautiful Pedro Pascal from Game of Thrones in it but that's not the only good thing about it - highly addictive and highly recommended!

Hope everyone had a kickass week too

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