Spotify Playlist #1

Hands up all the Spotify lovers out there? I signed up for their premium account a year ago to avoid the annoying ads and haven't looked back since. £9.99 a month is well worth the hassle of not having to download music or to buy it off the shamelessly overpriced songs on iTunes, 99p a song - blasphemy. The only downside of Spotify is that Taylor Swift is a money grabber and doesn't have her music on the site - boo you whore. Needless to say I splashed out and bought her album off iTunes and added to her millions, this makes me part of her squad now right? Anyway back to the whole point of this post, I am creating some sweet playlists of all my favourite songs of the minute so sit down with a nice cuppa for an hour and listen to these chilled out tunes. 

  1. Queen of Peace - Florence + The Machine
  2. See Me Now - The Kooks
  3. Grow -Frances 
  4. Here - Alessia Cara
  5. High By The Beach - Lana Del Rey 
  6. River - Leon Bridges 
  7. The Funeral - Band of Horses
  8. London Heart - Tenterhook
  9. 10,000 Emerald Pools - B├śRNS
  10. All The Time - Bahamas
  11. Hypnotic (Digster Live Session) - Zella Day
  12. Scars - James Bay
  13. Waiting Game - Banks
  14. Sirens - Woodlock
  15. I Forget Where We Were - Ben Howard

Follow this playlist and me for that matter on Spotify here.

P.S Spotify have added a great new playlist called Discover Weekly which gets updated every Monday with a random mix of songs you may like based on what you have been listening to. I found over half of the songs listed above this way, such a nifty tool.

happy listening

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