September Goals

I saw Kate from Gh0stparties (blog goals) uploadeds a monthly post of what she wants to achieve and thought I would copy the idea to try and get me motivated! So here are the five things I want tackle to this September.


It's offically Spring here in Australia and boy am I glad to see the back of Winter, my pale Scottish skin is in need of some sun-kissing. Plus I have kind of been using the colder weather as an excuse to not exercise... bad Katy. So I am determined to take advantage of the sunnier and lighter nights to get back into running, or my version of running which is a very slow paced, laboured jog but hey least I am trying right? I also bought a yoga mat yonks ago and I am planning on taking advantage of my break at work to do Yoga with Adriene as a way to ease myself into becoming a badass yoga goddess (Lianne if you are reading this I can hear you laughing in my head right now). I have been meaning to give yoga a proper go for years but have been to scared to go to a class as I am the definition of complete beginner and I am extremely inflexible like I can't touch my toes on a bad day ha! You know what they say, suns out, guns out so I am gonna get my sweat on!


I was been slightly lacking on the old blogging front and have no clue why as I really love having a little corner of the internet to keep track of life so I can look back at what I got up to. So this month I am going to really push myself to keep on top of my writing, photography and content on my blog. Aiming to put out 5 posts minimum a week which should be a challenge but I am the kind of gal who likes a challenge. 


I have been living and working as an au pair for 4 months now (?!) and if I am being totally honest with myself I have been a tad lazy at meeting other people. Trying to make new friends in a totally new place is like dating, you have to keep putting yourself out there, make the small talk and see if you get along enough to hang out again. I have met some other lovely au pairs but I know I should be meeting more people so I am going to push myself to always make weekend plans with friends and not just chill out on the couch watching Netflix all day...


Confession time I only recently started looking after my skin, I used to just use soap on my face and would rarely moisturise! After all the travelling I did at the beginning of the year I noticed by dry my skin was getting so enough was enough. Now I make sure to moisturise my body after showering and thanks to the amazing Sukin products I have been cleansing, toning and moisturising my face everyday - go me! So I want to make sure that I keep up with this routine and don't become lazy ever again, healthy skin is seriously important and I finally realise that after all these years.


I have been pretty good at reading lots of book recently which is awesome. It's so important to read but I know how easy it is to get lost in your phone screen or in a kickass TV show as I am all too guilty of doing this. I have been trying to read before going to bed and even when I wake up in the morning instead of reaching straight for my phone as it can give me bad headaches staring at a screen in the dark. I also deleted the Daily Mail app on my phone because I would refresh that bitch like five times a day, it's not healthy to know more about what the Kardashians are up to than what your family and friends are doing. I have a long list of books I want to read and luckily there are some awesome libraries in Melbourne and I have money to spend on Amazon so expect lots more book reviews coming your way. 

So there you have it, my September Goals. I guess I will find out in October whether I managed to stick to them all or not... Wish me luck!


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