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I love reading Cupcakes and Cashmere's Five Things posts so this is my humble spin on hers! These are the five things I can't get enough of at the minute. First up is this amazeballs 90's-esque denim jacket from ASOS. Now I won't go on too long about my love for this as I have a little blog post dedicated to it but for the grand total of $60ish(£30ish) this was a total steal! I have always loved the grunge look with lots of rips, tartan, leather and denim - all the feels. I am having a bit of a love affair with denim atm, I used to not own a single pair of jeans now I own 7 and counting - YOU'VE CHANGEDDD. 


These have literally not left my feet since my mumma kindly bought them for me back in July. They are sooooo comfy and go with everything in my wardrobe. I like to throw them on if I think an outfit is a bit too fancy as they totally add a cool, unexpected vibe. And as far as trainer prices go these are actually pretty inexpensive and I am already eyeing up other colours...


Never in a million years would I have thought I would become the girl who spent ridiculous amounts of money of fancy candles but boy have I changed my tune. I seriously have to stop myself from buying awww the scented candles. This amazing candle is actually my host mum's and its her favourite brand and I can see why, Paddywax candles smell so good and the burning time on these babies lasts for ages. I now regularly buy candles and flowers, it's like I am turning into my best friend (looking at you Blogan). 


I have been catching up all the movies I missed whilst travelling like Mad Max, Whiplash, The Duff and Pitch Perfect 2 to name a few, but I was most fond and surprised at how brilliant Slow West was. Lets state the obvious the main attraction to this film was that it had my number one boy Michael Fassbender in it. I am not the biggest fan of westerns (sorry Dad). I like my westerns more Django Unchained than *insert John Wayne film here*. Luckily this was more like the former as it had a more modern twist and the cinematography and direction were so on point. It also was nice to hear some Scottish accents as the story is about a Scottish boy chasing his childhood sweetheart across the west of America to try save her from bounty hunters - epic plot description right there. Definetely put this on your To Watch List - stat. 


My BFF sent me a huge list of songs to download and this was at the top of said list, at first listen I was like meh, it's okay but after listening to it a few more times I absolutely loved it. It's such a good song to dance around the house to and sing the lyrics out loud and proud, which are genius btw like 'she a big girl, that ain't a big deal. I like a big girl, I like 'em sassy.' Just sayin think me and Mack would get along just fine. So damn catchy and the video is classic Macklemore, what's not to love? Check the video out here yo.

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