Book Club - "Wild" Cheryl Strayed

I have been recommending this book to anyone who will listen, I'm like Cady Heron from Mean Girls talking nonstop about Regina George.I really wish I had read it before going travelling as it is a really inspiring insight into a woman's solo hiking trek. Cheryl is recently divorced and still grieving the death of her mother and best friend. She wants to walk the Pacific Crest Trail on the West Coast of North America without any experience in long distance trekking to 'walk back to the woman her mother raised'. Cheryl spiralled downward after her mother's death seeking solace in no strings attached sex and heroine. I love how brutally honest Strayed is in this memoir and it totally makes the reader empathise and root for her character to kick ass on her trek of atonement. 

This book was a huge page turner for me as I wanted to find out how Cheryl got on and what happened to all the friends she made along the way. I kind of related to her huge backpack issues which she aptly named Monster. When I was backpacking Asia and Australia my backpack was 18.1kg at its heaviest and that may not sound heavy to some but try lugging that around every day for 4 months. Reading this did make me miss the travelling a lot, it is pretty humbling and liberating to have your whole life strapped to your back.

I watched the film starring Reese Witherspoon the other day and although I couldn't really imagine her fitting into a role like this  but she was actually really good and I can totally see how she earned an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Cheryl. By the end of the film, I was a blubbing mess and made me realise how awesome my mum is. It is an emotional journey for Cheryl and for the viewer it seems! I also think the film especially captured how terrifying it would be for a solo female traveller out in the wild and there are a few edge of the seat moments when you think she might be walking into danger.

I really loved the ending of the book, not that I am going to spoil it for you. I decided to do  a little print of my favourite quote and the coincidently the one of final lines of the book.

Charlotte, the 10-year-old I au pair for actually sold a photocopy of this print for $5. Either she is a good, little entrepreneur or my calligraphy practice is paying off (literally). 

But yes side tracked there, Wild is a brilliant read and you should add it to your Amazon wish list right now, you won't regret it I promise!

I have a few books on my Kindle I need to read and Mondy Kaling's Why Not Me is top of my list, she is my spirit animal. 

more soon

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