Week in Pictures #9


L-R: Finally getting around to reading this; first ever Sephora purchases; finished reading John Green's Paper Towns.

Been a bit slow on the old blogging front this week... bad Katy. I promise I am getting back to it with lots of upcoming posts. It seems I am being a good girl and doing lots of reading from the above snaps! I gotta admit I don't think I will be doing a book review for Paper Towns as I didn't actually enjoy it that much, I was racing to finish it but for all the wrong reasons. Think my hopes were too high after The Fault In Our Stars, I do want to see the movie though as I am interested to see how Cara Delevingne portrays Margo. 


L-R: Doggy walks; loving me some Australian magazines; bus trips with this cutie pie.

Had a quiet one this week, trying to get back into a routine after my little holiday with my parents. Sometimes it's nice to chill at home and binge watch Scandal, drink too much coffee and do some baking - just what the doctor ordered after a couple of hectic weeks.


L-R: my new hobby; bought some flowers and a huge scented candle; finally committing to a skincare regime!

I was in need of a new hobby and I thought I would give calligraphy a go. It's actually way harder than it looks but I am rather proud of my first attempt. Hopefully I will be making snazzy prints and cards in no time - watch this space. 
I wanted to spruce up my room a little and a pretty bunch of flowers and a nice candle has done the trick nicely, another reason to hibernate in my bed with my laptop all day. 
I am so impressed with the Sukin skincare range, my skin has been feeling smooth and healthy since I started using the products above, think a wee blog post review might be in order! 

Speaking of blog posts think I may have to dedicate a post to Amy Schumer, just back from seeing Trainwreck and I loved, it definitely worth a watch. 

Back soon

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