Week in Pictures #12


L-R: finished this great read (book review coming soon); eyes peeled for What's In My Bag post this week; still reading this motivational gem, #GIRLBOSS in the making here.

I have been getting back into reading regularly and have been loving it, much better for my eyes and headaches than those late night Netflix binges! I have been slacking on the ole blogging front (again) but there is light at the end of the tunnel as I have lots of upcoming posts, I just need to finally get put some words together. Writer's block is real people. 


L-R: this slogan tee is my life; the end of Winter is in sight; obsessed with this belter of a tune.

The family I live with/work for have been away the last couple of days so I have been chilling out watching lots of movies and eating lots of yummy food - it has been bliss. I haven't really been alone since January, what with travelling and au pairing so it has been actually really nice to be totally alone.


L-R: bit the bullet and dyed my hair; DIY haircut before the dying process; give me all the blonde shampoo.

So as I type this I currently have slightly ginger roots... I watched a hell of a lot of YouTube tutorials before taking the plunge and damn they are right dying your hair blonde - it is hard. The internet says I have two solutions to sort out my dodgy hair, bleach it again or buy a really good toner... Pray for me.


L-R: bargain gold foil prints; spring nail polishes; the scented candle obsession grows.

Another week, another couple of unnecessary buys... oh well YOLO and all that, plus its pay day this week - hurray! I couldn't resit these prints which were $5 for like 8! And a girl can never have too many nail polishes or scented candles am I right?

I am waiting on my take out delivery, pizza man got confused by my Scottish accent and is at the wrong address #firstworldproblems. However it's all good pizza is/better be on its way, I have my PJ's on and I am watching 50 Shades of Grey - hello Jamie Dornan.


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