New In: Sephora Splurge

So Sydney has a Sephora and I am surprised I managed to control myself and only buy three things. I am actually regretting not picking up more especially Urban Decay's Makeup Setting Spray and Eyeshadow Primer Potion, think I have been taking it for granted that Urban Decay is so readily available in the UK, should have snapped these babies up. Here are the Sephora products I did pick up...

I was on the lookout for a good primer but didn't want to spend a fortune, luckily this beauty was only $20 and I know it may look on the small side but a little goes a long way with this product. It's so smooth on the skin and really evens out my skin tone and holds my foundation in place better - a winner fo sho. 

I was also after a foundation that was more for special occasions and going out as opposed to an everyday base. This foundation is a perfect match for me (as you can see) and its not drying which is essential for my skin! It's also a handy small size, perfect for overnight stays and to throw in your handbag.

Last but not least is this awesome eyebrow pencil. I had been using the Rimmel London Brow This Way Palette but I was looking to switch to a pencil as I think it is easier to get the perfect brow shape with a pencil and my natural eyebrows are a weird shape - inherited that from my Dad! This product was only $12 and is the perfect colour for my brows, which I like to be a little darker than their natural fair brown colour so this medium brown shade was perfect. 

I have been getting really into beauty products lately and it has recently been confirmed that Melbourne is getting its own Sephora before Christmas time - can't wait! If that's not an excuse to stay in Australia till next year, I don't know what is! 

More soon

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