Book Club - "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" Mindy Kaling

Confession time I loved this little gem of a read, possibly even more so than Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's offerings. I am such a big fan of Mindy Kaling from her work on The Office US and of course The Mindy Project so I had high hopes for this autobiography and I was not disappointed. It was funny, heart warming and real just like the awesomely adorable author. 

Much like other female comedian autobiographies this book explored Mindy's early childhood through to her struggling to find work in comedy and her making it as a writer and actress on the The Office US. Unlike Lena Dunham's childhood which was hard to relate to, Mindy's read like everyone else's normal and happy upbringing. I especially like her story about how she first became obsessed with comedy through her next door neighbour who was a bit of a tomboy and a geek and someone Mindy would ignore when she saw her at school as she didn't fit in with her clique but eventually she realises that her neighbour is a true friend and ditches her school friends who she has little in common with. I thought this antidote was really sweet and although they lost touch when they both set off to different colleges she still thinks about her. I am sure we can all relate to losing contact with an old friend from our childhood but who we still affectionally think of. I also really liked her stories about her struggling to make it in comedy in New York, I love that she lived in a shitty apartment but she had her two best friends by her side and that's all she needed. Also kind of cool that she was a nanny for a little bit whilst trying to get into comedy in NYC, I can definetely relate to the best thing about au pairing is a fully stocked fridge ha and cable TV - ha!

It was cool to learn that her big break came from a play that her and her roommate wrote and starred in about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, how awesome is that?! This is one of the many things I admire about Mindy Kaling, along with her embracing her sick curves with confidence, is that she didn't wait for jobs and acting gigs to land on her lap, she wrote herself parts in awesome comedy shows. She recognised that Hollywood is pretty sexist and that not many roles require a funny Indian women so she created her own roles and became her own boss - #workitgirl.

There were some genuine laugh out loud moments in this book like I lol'd on a busy bus and got a few good stares but hey ho. Her description of the Irish exit, when you claim to be going to get your jacket or going to pee at party and will "be right back" but really you are getting the hell out of there without all the goodbyes to most likely get food and fall asleep watching Netflix is my life. She just gets us normal gals and I love that. 

As a big fan of The Office US I liked that we got a little insight into what it is like in the writers room and on set. She described all of the characters in a couple of sentences and I was stoked to hear Steve Carell and John Krasinski are as awesome in real life as Michael and Jim are on the show. She also constantly takes the piss out of Rainn Wilson who plays the legendary Dwight Schrute which is just brilliant (if you have not seen this amazing show it is on Netflix and each episode is only 20 minutes long, you're welcome). 

In case I have not fully convinced you how magical Mindy Kaling is check out this little photo below;

Yup she totally called the Ghostbusters remake with an all female line up, why the producers didn't pick her for this reason alone is beyond me plus she was a fan of the actress who plays Cookie in Empire before all of us so there is that too. 

This book was written before her series The Mindy Project but luckily she has a second book coming out in September called Why Not Me? (already preordered one on Amazon - yay) and I am sure that will have lots of fun stories about the making of the show and the cuteness that is Danny Castellano/Chris Messina. I am so happy The Mindy Project was picked up by Hulu after being unjustly cancelled from TV, can't wait to see a pregnant Mindy and Joseph Gordon Levitt is making a guest appearance - all the good feels. 

The next book review will likely be Wild by Cheryl Strayed which was recently made into a film with Oscar nominated Reese Witherspoon, just in case you were living under a rock this year. I have so many books to read and so little time, better get to it!

More soon

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