What I've Been Buying Lately

Can't. Stop. Shopping. After travelling for months on end and not being able to buy anything because a). I was skint and b). I had zero room in my backpack, I am now making up for this lack of splurging. Luckily for my bank account I work full time so less time to shop and I am Scottish so therefore an eternal stinge.

I have to admit that I am missing the British high street, nothing really comes close to it in Australia. Don't get me wrong, the Aussie's do have some pretty sweet brands, my faves being Sportsgirl, Glue Store and Cotton On, but they just don't have as much variety as the UK does. Luckily this last year Melbourne opened up its flagship H&M store and there are a few Topshops which is a relief. 

I have to give a shout out to the jewellery store Lovisa which is a bit like Accessorize back in the UK. I have bought about ten necklaces from there and pretty much buy a new one (or three) every time I am within walking distance of a store. 

The pineapple obsession is strong with this one. H&M is my go to for cute homeware accessories along with Target which is cheap and cheerful therefore right up my street and both seem to stalk a lot of kitschy items. 

It being winter in Australia (yeah never knew Australia got cold, it does I learned the hard way) I have been stocking up on cold weather accessories. This little scarf was actually bought at the weekend when Melbourne would not stop raining and therefore a scarf was needed to shield myself. Another reason to justify this item is that it was a mere $20, half the price of my Sportsgirl one - yaldi.
I have also been buying a lot of beauty items. Think I may be becoming a bit of a girly girl as I am taking a lot more interest in make-up and watching tutorials and using make-up brushes - what next I hear you say?! I can't quite believe it either, I promise I will still always be a tomboy at heart! 

Anyway slight diversion there where was I? Yes make-up, right. I am now the proud owner of 4 and a half Sportgirl lipsticks (Milla got hold of one of them and put it all over her face, welcome to my life atm). I am gonna do a little review on the three featured above so I won't ramble too long but for $9.95 they are surprisingly good. Another cheap beauty item is these nail polishes from Rubi/Cotton On with their fab offer of 3 for $12. These gems are actually fast drying and quite long lasting, 3 days no chip right now - not too shabby. Rubi is actually a great little place for cheap beauty products, accessories and footwear, just look at how adorbs this toiletry bag is. Had to walk away from buying the smaller make-up bag too.

Lastly I have not gone a day without putting this amazing lip balm on my lips from Bert's Bees. I have obviously heard of this brand but didn't really want to spend that much on a run of the mill lip balm, but boy was I wrong! It is honestly the best lip balm I have used, better than EOS, Vaseline and Chapsticks in my opinion. I went for the mango flavour as it reminds me of all the mango shakes I consumed in Thailand and I could seriously eat it - just what you want in a lippie. 

So this turned out to be a wordier post than intended, I blame the glass of wine sitting next to me as I type. Hope you enjoyed it.


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