Week in Pictures #6


L-R: pretty prints; sucker for a pair of sunnies; Rifle Paper Co. is prettier than you.

I didn't actually buy any of these items but man I wish I did looking back at them now, just look at the joy in my face at those sunglasses. I really like these prints from a little Sandringham store, think I might take some back to the UK and get them framed for my room at home. 


L-R: winter beach walks; forever waiting on public transport; LA or Melbourne?

Forever on a bus, train or a tram these days, at least public transport in Melbourne is so good and I have this pretty snazzy Frozen holder for my Myki. Went exploring around the surrounding Bayside suburbs and the houses along Beach Road are sick, look at the size of them!


L-R: coffee catch ups; my local pub; another day another coffee consumed.

Melbourne's coffee is wayyy too good and is wayyyy too bad for my bank balance... There are so many cute cafes that I just can't help myself. Finally paid a visit to my local pub, True South. They brew their own pints and this pale ale was beaut.


L-R: Brighton Beach Boxes; beach selfie because why not; Brighton you sassy.

Had a lovely weekend with my fellow Scot, Hannah who came down to stay with me. We went along to Brighton Beach to see the beach boxes and they were so cool. Couldn't not get a photo with the Aussie flag hut - love this country. 


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