Week in Pictures #4

 L-R: baby chinos and macaroons; milkshake date; another day, another coffee.

My life evolves around coffee and cake trips, it's literally my only solace during the week when the kids are driving me insane, which they do 90% of the time. 

 L-R: baking bitch; pretty postcards; go to quick breakfast.

Had a good week chilling with the kids during the winter holidays, trying to keep them entertained is a challenge so baking is always good as they get to lick the bowl and I get to eat yummy cakes - win, win really. 

L-R: love living next to the ocean; Fitzroy night out with my fave Scottish friend in Melbs; hungover sunset walks.

Still recovering from Saturday night, got to bed (bed being my friend's boyfriend's couch) at 7.30am Sunday morning... I am way too old for this shit. Alas it was a good night, partying at a abandoned warehouse in Fitzroy, doesn't get much more hipster than that. 

Until next week - away to catch binge Scandal and catch up on my beauty sleep. 


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