Travel Diaries - Thailand #3

Lianne and I rolled out of a 14 hour bus at 6am in Phuket and literally had no idea where to go. Turns out Phuket is actually kind of big, Thailand wise, so after a quick communication break down with the taxi driver we decided on Patong because I vaguely remember that being the main area. We were honestly the worst for looking up travel information, wifi was sparse and any wifi we got we used on more important things like Instagramming that sick pic of us at (insert touristy destination here).
Anyway once we arrived in Patong it seemed like a pretty good choice, there was a Starbucks and in Thailand that is usually a sign that you have picked the most popular area. Our accommodation was right next to the beach which was ideal, especially when it is this pretty;

I will say this though, Patong is definitely the party scene of Phuket, we aren't talking Keeping Up With The Kardashians Thailand Special here, they went there and it was our only knowledge of Phuket so what we were expecting was slightly classier. See I told you we were hopeless. Patong had a pretty full on strip, think Magaluf or another sixth year holiday favourite. Can't exactly imagine Kim and the gang living it up here; 

I think the letters missing from the sign paints the perfect picture of what this strip was like - full of cheap bars, strippers, ping pong shows and ladyboys. It was fun for the two nights we stayed here but anymore than that and I would have been bored. Is this what getting old feels like? Funnily enough my best memory of this place is when Lianne and I (mainly me) freaked the fuck out when we found not one, but two HUGE cockroaches lodging in our hotel room. I stormed/ran away down to reception to complain and managed to get an upgrade. I swear I slept with one eye open that night - bloody cockroaches.

We had to catch our boat from Phuket Old Town and from what I could see this area was a lot more chilled out and family orientated so if that's what you are looking for perhaps avoid Patong, you have been warned.

The boat to Ko Lanta takes around two-three hours but it had really pretty views of its surrounding islands and we sunbathed on the back of the deck. Naturally Lianne got a glorious sun-kissed tan and I resembled a cooked lobster, damn Scottish genes. 

Ko Lanta was a place we hadn't planned on visiting but we had some time to kill and eneded up staying for three days because we loved it so much. Compared to Phuket it was really peaceful and kind of what we needed to recharge our batteries. We pretty much only sunbathed and ate those few days and it was glorious. Plus check out how cute our little hut accommodation was;

Fun fact - I broke toe taking this very picture to show my Mum how cool my diggs were. I was hobbling around the island for the rest of the trip... 

As I mentioned Ko Lanta has some great, quiet beaches and is the perfect place to just chill out. It also has some really good restaurant and our fave was Patty's Secret Garden which does, as Lianne always called it, "normal food". When you have been travelling India and Thailand for 5 weeks and just want a good sandwich and sweet potato chips or a decent poached egg and avocado this is your go to.  

So yes if you have time, which we had plenty of as we were in Thailand for 4 weeks, Phuket and especially Ko Lanta are great spots to visit. 

The next Travel Diaries post will be focus on our favourite place in Thailand - Phi Phi Island. I have soooo many photos to share so I better go try cut them down now! 

Back soon


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