Travel Diaries - Thailand #2

Riding on the back of a scooter was well and truly ticked off the bucket list when I travelled from Bangkok to the tiny village of Ang Thong to see my old uni flatmate Saskia - look at that face of pure joy, one happy chappy right there.

It was so good to just chill and catch up with an old friend after the craziness that is Bangkok. There isn't much to Ang Thong bar a 7/11 and a cute cafe so we just got drunk and danced on the street in the middle of nowhere with Saskia's teacher friends. This is the spirit of Thailand, anything goes and I love that about it. 

One touristy thing to do in Ang Thong is to visit the Wat Muang or as the cool kids call it 'The Big Buddha' for obvious reasons I mean look at the freakin' size of it. Thailand is full of sacred temples which are all really interesting and picturesque plus the drive on the scooter to this remote location was worth it alone (nearly got run over twice - cheers for the adrenaline rush Sas). 

In our brief visit we also took a trip to Ayutthaya which is the old capital of Thailand before Bangkok went stole its thunder. It's a cool little city with lots of bars and restaurants and a cracking nightlife, so good in fact that one of our mates got into a fight with a Frenchman and lost both of his front teeth... I told you Thailand is fucking off the chain. Side note Mike is alive and well with two new shiny fake teeth. 

We were all horrifically hungover especially as all 8 of us had to share 2 single beds and a double bed, ahh good old hostel life. We did eventually manage to drag our asses out of bed (rock hard, Thai bed) to see what the city had to offer. I even made it around this pretty floating market and a temple without so much as throwing up in my mouth - four for you Glen Coco. 

It was so good to see a familiar face in Saskia so far away from home, thanks for letting me crash on your inflatable mattress and for stealing your sweet wifi (a massive treat when travelling) - can't wait to catch up again back in Scotland. 

Next up will be a combined post of our time in pretty Phuket and Ko Lanta.


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