Travel Diaries - Thailand #1

Thailand adventures now and its safe to say we had the most fun in this beautiful country. First stop was Bangkok which I had low expectations of as people had warned me it was really crowded and dirty. Luckily I was pleasantly surprised, yes it was a bit dingy and busy but some areas were really beautiful, the shopping malls were amazing and the metro system was super cheap and easy to get figure out and get around.
 One of the main things we wanted to do in Bangkok was go to a rooftop bar. We didn't do much research and with limited wifi we just picked the closest one to us which happened to be a Marriott. 

45 flights up we were met with amazing views despite the hazy night. Cocktails and tunes were flowing, kind of scary being up that high with only a tiny barrier to stop your drunk ass from falling but after a few sips of alcohol I was fine!

We did manage to squeeze in some cultural sites in our 2 day trip mainly hittin up this beauty, The Wat Arun; 

The views of the Grand Palace and the river were worth the insanely steep steps up to the top in crazy humid heat where I had to wear a jumper to cover my shoulders (sacred temple rules people). 

We went to the temple at our favourite time of sunset. A quick boat trip across the river and a crazy detour in a tuk tuk, haggle with the drivers and don't take any shit from them as most of them will try and rip you off and think you are a dumb, white tourist, we reached another temple with some pretty cool buddhas. 

A trip to Bangkok would not be complete with a visit to Khao San Road made famous by The Hangover Part II. It is as crazy, busy and loud as you would expect with guys selling all sorts on the street from edible fried bugs to gas balloons to cans of beer for the illegal street parties. I don't have any suitable pictures to demonstrate how mental it is, you will just have to experience it for yourself when you visit Thailand!

I have loads more posts about Thailand including Phi Phi Island and all the other main tourist spots so keep an eye out for them in the next coming weeks :) 


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