New In: Sportsgirl Lipsticks

I mentioned in my What I've Been Buying Lately Post that I am impressed with these Sportsgirl lippies, so much so that every time I go into the store I have to tear myself away from the beauty counter. To be honest I shouldn't give myself such a hard time as these babies are only $9.95 a pop!

My first Sportgirl lipsticks I purchased were a creamy nude and a sheen pink shade. These shades are great for everyday make-up and are really moisturising on the lips which is good for me as my lips can get really dry. All of the pictured lipsticks have a matte finish and have bright tones making them great for a night out or when you want a bold lippie to make an outfit stand out. 

First up is this orangey red lipstick in a shade named Almost Famous (kind of loved it immediately for that name alone). 

I was after a less classic red lipstick, as I already own the legendary Mac Ruby Woo lipstick. I also own the Mac Lady Danger lipstick which is quite similar to this Sportsgirl one but I think the Mac is a lot more orange toned. This lipstick is really bright and whenever I wear it I only wear mascara on my eyes as I like the focus to be on the lips and not be too overdone - no drag queen alerts here please, less is more.

I have been on the hunt for a purple lipstick since leaving my Sleek one behind in Scotland. I would say this one is pretty similar but maybe a tad less bright. The formula is probably a little less dry too which is good! This lippie is definitely a bold one and probably most suited for a night on the town. 

The last lipstick is a nice vibrant  pink. I already have Mac's Damn Glamorous which is a dark, hot pink and was looking for a lighter shade and this one fits the bill. It is a more drying texture on the lips than my Mac one but it does have great staying power.

All in all I am super chuffed with these lippies and I am sure I will be buying plenty more whilst I am in Australia - rude not to really seeing as Sportsgirl isn't in the UK.

Back soon

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