Melbourne To Do: CBD Laneways

  Degraves Street

Often nicknamed 'Coffee Street" by locals and tourists alike, Degraves Street is the place to go for alfresco dining and a cracking coffee and cake come rain or shine. There are lots of restaurants and cafes along the street with a couple of boutique shops and a random barbers too. The heated outdoor seating area makes you feel like you are in Europe as it has that kind of eclectic, relaxed vibe which I love. I actually had dinner at one of the lovely Italian restaurants for my 23rd birthday, which was lovely. Be sure to grab a famously good Melbourne coffee from here at least. 

Hosier Lane

Can you guess from the pictures what this lane is famous for? Just incase you didn't (you blind mate?) it's the awesome graffiti! I actually caught some artists in the act on Saturday (see top left) and it's amazing how they can create murals like this. The Monsters, Inc. grafitti is especially sick and obviously provided a photo op #sorrynotsorry. There is also a famous tapas restaurant at the beginning of the lane called Movida that I was hoping to book for my parents coming but it seems to fully booked - bugger. Guess I will just have to drag a friend along at a later date! 

AC/DC Lane

After a quick Google search I learned to my surprise that the band AC/DC are actually Australian, please say I wasn't the only one who didn't know this, and in 2004 locals voted to change its this lanes name to honour the band with the Mayor saying: "As the song says, there is a highway to hell, but this is a laneway to heaven. Let us rock." Sums up the place pretty well I think! There is some pretty rad graffiti here too, I mean a stormtrooper playing a guitar - I am down with that. Also there is a noteworthy Peruvian restaurant on the lane called Pastuso that my host parents have recommended so I am off to book that one - fingers crossed. 

Be sure to check out all these cool, secret laneways if you are visiting Melbourne. 

On a completely unrelated note; hope everyone is watching Wimbledon, can't decide who I want to win - Djokovic or Federer? I am tempted to say the former because the latter booted my boy Andy Murray out but I can't decide who's side I am on! I am away to watch it on BBC iPlayer and attempt to not fall asleep too early... damn you time difference, interfering with my precious tennis viewing. 


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