Wish List #1

Since finding a place to settle in Melbourne I have been shopping non stop, not only because this city is the fashion capital of Australia but because my limited backpack of clothes wasn't really cutting it anymore!

Australia has some amazing high street brands but most of the items here are from Topshop and ASOS (whoops), maybe I should do another post on what Aussie fashion has to offer. 

Anyway really digging denim at the mo if you can't tell, this is coming from a girl who a few months ago didn't wear jeans at all now they are my go to. Since discovering Topshop Jamie jeans my life has literally changed, a pair of jeans that actually fit and flatter by short legs - YAY. I now own 3 pairs of Jamie jeans and I am keen to expand. 
I also want to invest in a little denim jacket as the weather can be hard to read here so having one of these babies to throw on would be ideal. 
I am kind of loving the whole 70s vibe that has been on trend recently so an A Line skirt would be a good way to dip my toes into the trend. 

I am 100% a black colour girl, I blame my mother. But lately I have been looking into brown boots as I think they look really cool with black jeans. The khaki wrap shirt and the 70s print midi would also go really well with a brown heeled boot so I am very tempted to splash out on a pair. 

I have been missing my leather gilet from home and this Topshop one is to die for, gimme! 
I am loving all the delicate jewellery atm, especially quirky earrings which I am seriously lacking right now. 

Think an online shopping splurge is on the cards this weekend...

Wish my bank balance luck

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