New In: Trinket Rings

I picked up these cute delicate rings the other week whilst shopping in Melbourne Central and I can't stop wearing them now.

I got them for a bargain deal at 3 for $30. You can pick them up at the stalls on the first floor at Melbourne Central from any of the stalls there as they all stock them. 

First up is my favourite one. I am a sucker for typography jewellery so I was instantly drawn to this beauty.

I have a thing for circle jewellery at the mo, I have a coin necklace which I have literally not taken off since I bought it last month. The great thing about this ring is its adjustable, one size fits all - hurrah!

Last but not least is this lil queen (it's a crown get it?). I really like this ring as it is kind of quirky and unusual and more edgy than the other two. I like to mix girly, delicate items with more edgy pieces to toughen a look up. 

Just writing this post has made me want to go back and buy more, I spied a pineapple ring the last time and I am aww over that.

So henceforth Melbourne friends, hit up the mall, you know you want to. 


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