New In: MAC Highlighter

As I mentioned in my last 'New In' post my host mum brought me this back from her trip to the US. She tried to get me it in New York but it was sold out, luckily she picked it up in San Fransisco. Suz told me the MAC counter assistant recommended it as there newest 'It' item and I can see why - just look at the packaging alone!

I love the colours in the packaging and the kind of ombre effect going on. It's really eye-catching, easy to spot and a nice size for your make-up bag or handbag. 
 MAC describes its highlighter as a being three shades in one compact, from pastel banana, fuzzy peach to mid coral. All the colours can blended together to highlight or be used individually. The coral colour can also be used as a soft blusher or even a eyeshadow making this an all purpose make up item and definitely worth the price tag if you ask me!

I really like the finish off the highlighter as it is not too glittery which some highlighters can be. Its also really long lasting and is a great way to take you from a day to night look in seconds. 

Get it quick whilst the Wash & Dry collection is still available.


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