Blog Update and Life Update

So its been nearly 9 months since I last posted... 9 months?! People make and pop out a kid in that time! But I do have a good excuse, plenty of excuses actually! I let the blog slide late 2014 because I was working full time and planning to go travelling in January 2015. Once on said travels, I did plan to blog (I promise) but many places in Asia had patchy wifi service and I only had my iPhone at the time, forgive me? Now I am back, ready to be committed to posting, armed with my trusty Macbook and a shit load of travelling pictures to share.

I have given my blog a little refresh and I love it! I actually downloaded the template from Etsy for the grand total of £2.01, yup you read that right, 2 quid for this beauty! So chuffed with it was super easy to download and had great instructions on how to customise it to your blog. Check out the sellers other blog template designs here. I made the header myself and I am properly chuffed with myself, big pat on the back for me (not to blow my own trumpet or anything).

It's safe to safe the first half of 2015 has been hectic to say the least! I left Bonnie Scotland on January 8th travelled to Inida, Thailand, Philippines, Japan before landing in Australia on March 13th. Can't believe I did all that travelling in such a short space of time. After touring the East Coast of Australia I fell a little in love with Melbourne and have been living here since April 10th. Time has flown by and I have to pinch myself everyday at how lucky I am to be living this life. 

I randomly found myself falling into a job as an Au Pair (live in nanny for those folks in the dark) and I am staying with an awesome family with 3 beautiful kids. Never a job I thought I would do or even enjoy but I really am. 

The plan is to publish lots of posts about my travel adventures as well as the usual lifestyle posts to boot. 

I can't wait to share my experiences on my little corner of the internet so I can look back at this crazy time in my life for years to come.

It feels good to be back! 


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