Week in Pictures #3


  L-R: My local beach; Milla's baby chino; Day's out with trouble.

The benefits of living next to the beach is breezy walks along the sand followed by a good old coffee and cake with the little monsters.

New In: Trinket Rings

I picked up these cute delicate rings the other week whilst shopping in Melbourne Central and I can't stop wearing them now.

New In: MAC Highlighter

As I mentioned in my last 'New In' post my host mum brought me this back from her trip to the US. She tried to get me it in New York but it was sold out, luckily she picked it up in San Fransisco. Suz told me the MAC counter assistant recommended it as there newest 'It' item and I can see why - just look at the packaging alone!

Melbourne To Do: Pink Lake

How amaze is this pink lake?! It's a little hidden gem in Melbourne that myself and Hollie have been meaning to check out for ages. It actually took us three attempts to get here; the first time we missed the bus and it was raining like crazy so we bailed, second time we ended up on the complete wrong bus that lead us to the middle of nowhere but eventually it was third time lucky and we made it there.

New In: Make Up Brushes

I have a confession to make - I don't own make up brushes, well until now that is. I just never really seen the point of them bar a powder brush which was kind of essential. However my lovely host Mum bought me an amazing MAC highlighter back from her New York trip (post on that later) so I thought I should buy the proper tools for it. 

Travel Diaries - India #3

Goa is famous for its markets and we hit up the Anjuna Market which is on every Wednesday and we were not disappointed. Just look at how typically Indian it is, lots of spices and pashminas everywhere!

Week in Pictures #2


L-R: Bed + MacBook makes for a happy Katy; Cute decorations at my au pair home; my work mates.

Been a chilled week, catching up on UK TV shows and sleep! I look after  three little monsters as an au pair, this is Milla and a golden retriever we are dogsitting named Tara. 

Wish List #1

Since finding a place to settle in Melbourne I have been shopping non stop, not only because this city is the fashion capital of Australia but because my limited backpack of clothes wasn't really cutting it anymore!

Book Club - "Yes Please" Amy Poehler

I was so happy when I finally got my hands on this book and I wasn't disappointed after putting it down either. This book is Amy Poehler so if you are a fan grab it ASAP Rocky and even if you aren't a fan (I mean seriously you should be) I think you can still enjoy this book as its the perfect mix of autobiography and self help book. Poehler gives great advice throughout on motherhood, careers, divorce, sex and relationships all with positivity and humour, a winning combo btwssss.

Week in Pictures #1


L-R: Redesigned my blog with a new design and header; ASOS and good Australian red wine, happy days; ideal Firday night in with OITNB and chocolate.

Seems I spent a lot of time on my laptop this week, its my lil baby and have been parted with it during my travels so its good to be back to being an Macbook wanker. Nearly finished OITNB already, love the new Aussie actress Ruby Rose - girl crush alert.

Travel Diaries - India #2

After our trip to the Taj Mahal it was time to head south for a bit of sun, foolishly thought India was always warm turns out north India get pretty chilly in winter and we only had summer clothes in 4 degrees weather... Not fun. 

Book Club - "Not That Kind of Girl" Lena Dunham

Here is my first attempt at a book review outwith my high school English class so go easy on me!

I have been wanting to read this book ever since it came out in late 2014 but life happened and I never got round to it. I signed up to Melbourne Library (mainly for the free internet, no judgements please) and found they had this little number along with all the other sassy TV women biographies from Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling - happy days! 

Travel Diaries - India #1

First stop on my Asian adventure was India. India was never a place I thought I would ever visit but my travel buddy's friend Hannah travelled there and raved about it so we added it on to our trip.

Blog Update and Life Update

So its been nearly 9 months since I last posted... 9 months?! People make and pop out a kid in that time! But I do have a good excuse, plenty of excuses actually! I let the blog slide late 2014 because I was working full time and planning to go travelling in January 2015. Once on said travels, I did plan to blog (I promise) but many places in Asia had patchy wifi service and I only had my iPhone at the time, forgive me? Now I am back, ready to be committed to posting, armed with my trusty Macbook and a shit load of travelling pictures to share.